Frequently Asked Questions





Why is insurance not filed at Nmotion Prescriptive Exercise?

Because Nmotion Prescriptive Exercise does not accept insurance, it allows the therapist and the patient to be in charge of the course of treatment necessary to gain the maximum benefits.  It allows the patient to know up front how much treatment will cost them and eliminates the mystery that accompanies cost when using your insurance.  By not accepting insurance, there is no cap on the number of treatment sessions needed by the patient as long as there is objective progress being made, no need for pre-authorization from insurance companies, and one-on-one treatment sessions with each patient.


Do I need a prescription from my physician to be seen at Nmotion Prescriptive Exercise

Nmotion Prescriptive Exercise is a Direct Access Physical Therapy business.  In the state of Ohio, a prescription for physical therapy evaluations and treatment is no longer necessary to see a licensed physical therapist.  That being said, we do communicate with your physician regarding our findings on the iniitial evaluation and consult them with regard to your treatment plan. 


Can I use my health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA) to pay for my Nmotion expenses?

Yes.  Nmotion Prescriptive Exercise recommends the patient to check their HSA/FSA plans.  Some plans require a MD referral for "out-of-network" physical therapy expenses.